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Doc West

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"Hi there… Thanks for joining me here… I'll take a little peek between my fingers and tell you all about this exciting site… They stand before you in all their twisted glory waiting to tempt you into their dark world of fantasy. Women with thick thingies looking for a hot woman to bury it in... but that's only the beginning. Oh dear… There are monsters here waiting to prey on cute girls like me… We'd better be really quiet… Hold on tight to me… Oh… I suppose you can hold on there…

In a shade of green that seems to ooze an air of evil intent, she stands proudly on her six legs. Her body is shaped something like a spider's with tentacles to wrap around her victim. She'll lure you with her beautiful face and sweet breasts drawing you into her deadly embrace. Her hand reaches down to stroke your cheek as you look up into her foreboding eyes, helpless in her power. Still other delights wait in this artist's weird world. As small and delicate as a faerie might be, in Doc West's world they pack a large stiff male part and they know what to do with them. blushes… I'll never look at a fairy the same way again…

Other creatures stalk these darkest dreams waiting to entice you into their tentacled grasp. The demoness will tempt you into her deadly trap and take pleasure in showing you all her delectable desires. This is a dynamic site with a twist that is tantalizing for you and will lead you into a dark world of fantasies rendered in 3D artwork. Mmmmm… I suppose I should go now… Thanks for holding my… Well… Thanks for coming here with me… I hope you've enjoyed this little peek into Doc West's wild world… I'll see you again soon… Bye fore now…"


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